3 Reasons to Buy High-Quality Wireless Chargers

Next time your wireless charger breaks—or if it is broken right now—make sure that you buy a high-quality charging device from a legitimate retailer. You depend on your wireless device for essential communication with others and access to valuable information, so why would you jeopardize the functionality of your phone by continuously buying cheap and poorly designed charging models? Below are three reasons why you should make sure that you buy a dependable, meticulously designed and cost-effective wireless charger.


The high-quality wholesale cell phone chargers that are distributed to wireless accessory retailers, are meticulously designed to provide exceptional charging services. Company’s specializing in wholesale cell phone accessories —such as OnZ Wireless Inc.—make certain that their inventory consists of chargers that are designed to accommodate for all makes and models of wireless devices. From car chargers and travel chargers, to iPhone chargers and USB chargers—wholesale wireless accessory distributors will take care of business owners and retailers looking to purchase the most dependable merchandise. In today’s day and age—wireless accessories are essential to how we communicate and find out important information, so make sure that you purchase a quality designed charger to support your phone’s battery.

They’re Not Cheaply Designed

Nowadays—whenever you go into a franchise gas station, minimart or convenient store, there always seems to be a variety of wireless chargers displayed on or near the front counter. These cell phone charger products will—in a matter of time—malfunction and prevent you from being able to charge your device. Both the USB cords and wall charger blocks of these poorly designed charging devices are manufactured with cheap materials that have a significantly limited life span. If you feel like it’s best to continue buying these low-quality devices, you will continue to experience the same functional complications over and over again. Regardless of which component of the cheap charging device dies first, you will undoubtedly be left with a busted cell phone charger and a dead phone.

Save Money

When you make the intelligent decision of purchasing a high-quality wireless charger, you will eliminate having to rush to your nearest gas station or minimart to replace the broken charger that you bought there just a few weeks...or days ago. The chargers that you find at those types of locations might cost only a few bucks, but you’re sacrificing quality for gratification that is certain to be short-lived. By investing in a dependable and meticulously designed wireless charger, you will eliminate the trouble of having to buy a USB cord and wall charging block every month while you fill up your tank or grab a sandwich. Similar to how you might choose to burn an incredible amount of gas and money by driving further for a cheaper price on a particular item, buying a cheap and poorly designed wireless charger will—in the end—cost you more money.

Make certain that your wireless device is always charged, or at least has access to a reliable charging device. High-quality chargers offered by premier distributors—such as OnZ Wireless Inc.—are precisely designed to be long-lasting and function appropriately. Save more money by refusing to buy cheap chargers and, instead, choose to buy the exceptional models offered by reputable and expert wireless accessory distributors.

5 Reasons you Need a Protective Cell Phone Case

Cell phones nowadays, for some reason, seem like they’re designed to break more easily than ever. Even flip phones back in the day were more durable than the smooth and sly smartphones of today. It just seems as if cell phone companies are making it easier for users to break their phones and subsequently have buy a new one. If you haven't learned your lesson yet on the importance of protecting your phone, here are five reasons and situations that will encourage you to get that case that you’ve been reluctant to buy. Don’t deny the inevitability of your phone breaking and consider the instances below that will jeopardize your wireless communication with others:

It got it wet

Everyone that’s ever owned a cell phone has ran into a situation where it’s gotten wet and panic set in. Whether you dropped your phone in the toilet while texting in a public bathroom or your buddies pushed you into a pool during a party and your phone was in your pocket, we’ve all been there--angry and frustrated with ourselves, and maybe our friends, who should have considered that its not the nineties anymore and everyone carries around their cell phones in their pockets. Sometimes a bowl of rice and three days without any contact with other another human beings just doesn’t do the job. And nowadays there’s usually not even a white sticker near the battery that you can color white with wite-out--to trick a provider--when the phone gets wet and the dot turns pink.

You dropped it

Sometimes your hands are little shaky or you whip your phone out of your pocket too quick or your hands are greasy from eating chips--either way dropping your unprotected phone is an anxiety-inducing experience that doesn't necessarily have to be so emotionally straining. Put a protective case on that bad-boy and as long as it you don’t push it off the ledge of a three story building or drop it through a drainage grate and have to call the public works department--the phone should survive the fall and live to see another day.

Or your friend dropped it

“Yo man let me see that video,” your friend says. So you lean over and hold the phone out in front of his face so that he can watch it. “Na man, c’mon, let me hold it.” You take a deep breath and apprehensively hand the phone over to him. He grabs it with his filthy fingers covered in wing sauce. He’s laughing, having good time and just loving the video as you sit there fear-stricken with a fake smile on your face. Your buddy is cracking up with his eyes closed and then the inevitable happens--your uncased phone slips out of his sloppy fingers and crashes into the concrete below. “Sorry man…”

Dude...Why would you throw your phone?

Yeah, okay, so you're arguing with your girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe you guys broke up or...Well, nevermind--those are usually the two things that happen the most prior to someone throwing a fastball against their bedroom wall. If you’re going to throw your cell phone at the wall--whether it’s drywall, wood, concrete or plaster--at least put some junk on it so it doesn't hit the the surface with such a violent impact. With most available cases on the market today, though, you won’t be impressing anyone with your fastball much longer. The regret you experience after throwing your phone against the wall and breaking it can never match the anger that you were able to release.

The gym

Bringing your cell phone into a gym is like bringing a baby into a quarantine. The dumbbells and barbells and kettlebells will eventually do what they’re supposed to do to your body but to your phone--break it down and encourage a rebuilding process...The sad thing is, though, that unlike our bodies, cell phones don’t re-generate too well after they break; instead, they’ll usually remain broken or smashed or chipped from when you dropped a forty-five pound dumbbell on it when you were racking it and your phone was on the ground because it died....C’mon man!--if you bring your phone into the gym you better make sure there’s some protection around it and on a clip or secured safely in your pocket, at all times. Look into wholesale holster combo cell phone cases which are incredibly protective and come along with a nifty belt clip.

Make life easier and less complicated by using protection. Placing a case around your phone will help prevent it from getting water-logged or shattered to pieces. Before you have to pull it all together with a wireless retailer or insurance company, put that delicate baby in a protective cradle and keep it out of harm’s warm. Companies that sell wireless accessories wholesale will be more than happy to supply you or your company with an abundance of cell phone accessories including armor hybrid phone cases wholesale and wholesale holster combo cell phone cases. Protect it and you won’t regret it, guaranteed.

Stress Less by Protecting Your Cell Phone

Dropping your cell phone can immediately turn a regular day into a nightmare. Whether you’ve just bought an IPhone 6S and drop the unprotected phone as you walk out of the store or your uncased iPhone 4s leaps out of your sweatshirt pocket while walking to work, there’s no other feeling like watching your phone jump out of your grasp, do a few flips and fall face-first onto the ground. When you’re standing there looking down at your fallen friend, the suspense can often be too much to handle. It’s overwhelming to see something that has, in a sense, become a part of you--like another organ--suffer such an impactful fall.

In the those few seconds that you spend looking down at your injured companion, anxious thoughts race through your mind. You begin asking yourself important questions like Do I still have insurance? Where did I ever put my old phone? And When am I due for an upgrade?...At this point, you just want to crawl into a hole and die. It seems like the wallet in your back pocket is already becoming lighter and you can just see the numbers in your bank account decreasing. You start imagining having to go through the timely process associated with filing a claim with a wireless insurance company. You can already feel the the stress of finding a new phone--old or new--via a social media post. You ask, Did I overlook any cash or change last week, when I tore apart my couch looking for enough money to buy a burrito?...

But wait...there’s always hope! Never give up too soon...

You start feeling a little bit more optimistic about the health of your unprotected cell phone. Maybe he had a smooth landing and the only injuries he’ll walk away with are a couple of scratches on the screen. You begin to accept that although you wanted to keep your new cell phone in mint condition, you might have to deal with a couple of nicks and other imperfections. But, eventually, you’ll rehab him back to health and you two will become even closer after this near-death experience. You start wondering if your buddy from High School, who runs a wireless electronics website and buys wireless accessories wholesale including armor hybrid phone cases wholesale, would still hook it up for you like he said he would at your ten year reunion.

As you slowly bend over to pick up your cell phone (and best friend) you start promising, I’ll never take you for granted and treat you like that again. And We’ll find a protective case together that we’ll both like...You say a quick prayer to the God of Wireless Technology and ask that the consequences of such a great mistake do not involve having to go back to the Dark Ages of flip phones with which the internet is nearly impossible to access--or worse--have to experience a few days without a phone and sacrifice the existence of your social media life. You might ask, How will anyone get ahold of me?...I haven't gone a day without a cell phone since I spilt a drink on it in college, you think to yourself, I will be a craveman, nonexistent-- a nobody…
As you reach your shaky hand down to turn the cell phone over, you consider other means of communication in case your social instrument is dead-- a landline?...smoke-signals? Do I still remember how to use Morse Code?..You grip your cell phone as it's lying there face-down on the concrete and close your eyes for a moment before turning it over. You notice a few expected scratches but to check if the device still works, you touch the home button...

Don’t let the suspense of turning over a fallen cell phone beat you up this much...Check out wireless protective cases online today.

Three Movies That Wouldn’t Have Happened With Memory Cards

OnZ Wireless is the best place to buy cell phone accessories in bulk, but we also like to have a little fun. That’s why, this month’s blog is all about movies that prove just how essential owning a memory card can be. So, without further ado...three movies that wouldn’t have happened with memory cards:


Still one of Christopher Nolan’s most famous movies is Memento, and it definitely wouldn’t have happened if the main character would just have had a memory card. The basics of the story are that a man named Leonard, who’s suffering from amnesia, tries to track down the man that killed his wife and caused his memory loss. Because of his amnesia, he has an elaborate note taking system based on Polaroids photos and tattoos that allows him to “remember” and keep track of his findings. It’s a great movie, yet we couldn’t help but feel that it would have been over in under ten minutes if Leonard just had a memory card where he could store all the things he couldn’t remember.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A strange relationship tale if there ever was one, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is about a couple who (understandably) decide that the best way to get over a break-up is to order a “mind cleansing” that removes all memories about the other person. This becomes a problem when they meet and fall in love again after forgetting about each other’s existences. It’s an incredibly well written movie, but obviously, if one of them had bothered to save a couple of holiday photos or joint selfies on their memory card before the procedure, we wouldn’t have needed 90 minutes to get to the end conclusion.

50 First Dates

Lucy suffers from short term memory loss (yeah, a theme is starting to emerge). When she and Henry fall in love, because of her memory loss he has to keep trying to get her to fall in love with him again every day - hence the name 50 First Dates. Now, this movie does actually take advantage of technology more modern than Polaroid photos, but even it could have benefitted from some fun videos made together and then saved on a memory card for the next day and for yet another first date.